Seahawks reportedly “not budging” on latest contract offer to Jamal Adams

Seahawks reportedly “not budging” on latest contract offer to Jamal Adams

The Seahawks are trying to draw a line in the sand through the tide that’s crashing into their shins.

A year after sending a pair of first-round picks to the Jets for safety Jamal Adams without signing Adams to a new contract, the Seahawks have made a final offer to Adams, and they’re reportedly “not budging.”

Per the Seattle Times, the team made its final offer last Friday. Four-year extension worth $17.5 million per year, with $38 million guaranteed. Adams wants $40 million guaranteed. The two sides also differ on cash flow, with the Seahawks wanting to spread bonus money over four years and Adams wanting it to be spread over three.

Adams is due to make $9.86 million this year under the fifth-year option of his top-10 rookie deal. The franchise tag for safeties is projected to be $13.5 million in 2022. That becomes a franchise tag in 2023 of $16.26 million.

Thus, the Seahawks can keep Adams for the next three years at a total payout, one year at a time, of $39.67 million, an average of $13.2 million per year.

Of course, this presumes Adams will show up and play. For 2022, he’s holding in — and the team is allowing it. Next year, he’d be able to sign his franchise tender just before Week One and make it all. In 2023, he could sit out the entire year and, as a practical matter, force his way to free agency in 2024, given the rules of the tag.

More immediately, the impasse sets the stage for a potentially awkward mess between the Seahawks and a player with a well-established history of speaking his mind when unhappy. What’s the endgame for Seattle? Telling him enough is enough and it’s time to start practicing and playing? Good luck with that.

By not signing Adams to a new contract last year, the Seahawks planted the seeds for the current drama. With such a relatively small amount currently separating the two sides, the best play for Seattle would be to give him what he wants. Any other approach risks Adams beginning to view the Seahawks the way he previously viewed the Jets.