Irish boys find message in a bottle from Canadian fisherman

Irish boys find message in a bottle from Canadian fisherman

A trio of boys visiting an Irish beach found a message in a bottle that crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland, Canada.

Brothers Oisin O’Doherty and Eoghan O’Doherty from Greencastle, Ireland, were on a County Kerry beach near the The Glen Pier with cousin Odhran O’Sullivan when they spotted a bottle among some rocks along the coastline.

The boys enlisted the help of a relative to retrieve and open the bottle, which contained a message authored by Canadian fisherman Craig Drover.

Catherine McGeoghegan, the brothers’ grandmother, posted photos of the discovery to Facebook.

“This bottle was tossed over the side of the Artic Eagle on the grand banks of Newfoundland, Canada while fishing for snow crabs,” Drover wrote.

The note contained an email address, which the boys used to contact Drover.

“Glad to hear of the boys finding my message in a bottle. I’d say they were a little excited, to say the least. A nice way to end a vacation. It is amazing how far those bottles travel,” the fisherman wrote in a reply provided to Derry Now.

Drover said he frequently tosses messages in bottles into the water during his fishing trips. One of his bottles was previously discovered in 2018 by a surfer off the coast of Spain.